May 2017

Dear Me

1. Your dreams aren't wild or untouchable like everyone tells you. Don't let anyone stop you from having crazy aspirations, and it's alright if your dreams don't match with others. 2. Your beautiful won't look [...]

Letter Writing Contest Winners Announced

Wow, we were blown away by the number of entries in our contest and honored that you opened yourselves up and let us into your private world.  For many of you, you offered a glimpse [...]

March 2017

Writing Contest

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At Radiating You, we know the power of getting people to be real and share their truths.  We recently sat down and started writing letters…to ourselves. Maybe the most important letter you can write is [...]

February 2017

Dear Me: A Letter To Myself

Dear Me, I’m so happy you’ve found me again and that you realize the voice in your head is just that -- a voice. A voice that likes to tell you you’re not good enough. [...]

August 2016

WHAT AM I DOING HERE? A guest blog post

Every morning I wake up in a king-sized bed, next to a man that says he loves me on a daily basis, in a lovely house, with 2 amazing kids, and I think: how blessed [...]

July 2016

Why I Gained Weight For My Class Reunion

This weekend is my 25th class reunion. The emotions that can trigger in us is mind blowing.  Not as much in looking to the past, but in how it causes us to pause and look [...]