We all have sh*t. Thoughts and secrets we hold close so no one else will know or judge us. Things we push down so we don’t hurt those we love. Feelings that continue to haunt us because they are never shared.

Are you brave enough to share yours?

Radiating You is launching a contest to uncover the real and unfiltered side of life. Top entries will be published on our blog and may be included in a compilation book in 2018.  The top three entries will also receive cash prizes:  1st place $100, 2nd place $75, 3rd place $50.

Ready to write? Share the side of you that others don’t get to see.  Tell us what your life is really like.  And tell us why you don’t show it to others.

Be bold.  Be brave.  Be real.

Please keep your submission under 500 words. The contest is open through January 31, 2018.


By submitting, you’re granting permission for Radiating You to use your submission on their blogs, social media channels, or future book, and verifying you are 18 or older.

Unfiltered Writing Contest